Instagram Influencer Marketing: Your Step By Step Guide 2 years ago

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Instagram Influencer Marketing 👉

Instagram marketing is huge. You know that – and so does everyone else. A great way to hack through the noise is working with Instagram influencers.

This video breaks down Instagram influencer marketing from every angle.

How about a couple stats to kick things off? For starters, Instagram has about 800 million monthly users. What’s more, about 70% of those users seek out brands on the platform. That means you’re in a great position to reach customers with Instagram marketing.

And you can kickstart your Instagram marketing by tapping into the power of Instagram influencers. After all, building an audience is tough. Influencers have already done that part.

Finding the right influencer depends on what you’re selling. An Instagram influencer in the bodybuilding space doesn’t do you much good if you’re selling dog collars. To find the best Instagram influencer for your store, you can use tools like Ninja Outreach and Snapfluence.

After you track down an Instagram influencer, you’ll need to collaborate with them. So we go over some proven tips for approaching Instagram influencers. For example, when you reach out, introduce yourself and give them a clear, quick, easy to understand overview of what you do. They’ll probably listen to what you have to say – Instagram influencers want to get paid, too – but don’t hit them with your life story right away.

If they are interested, then it’s time to talk business. Some influencers will want to get paid a flat rate – for example, $200 per post about your brand. Others, meanwhile, will want a slice of all the sales they generate. You can keep track of sales generated by Instagram influencers by giving them a special discount code.

When working with Instagram influencers, there is no magic formula. This video, however, will give you some things to think about if you want to use Instagram influencers to hack into the awesome power of Instagram marketing.

Also, we mention a few platforms to try out – here are some links!


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